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Fraud Client

Hi everybody! I recently had a very weird experience here on Upwork.

I was hired to make a photoshoot for a client. We agreed on terms, started the contract and he sent me the items. 1 of the items was poorly packaged, so it got damaged on the way. So I made a 1st photoshoot with the rest of the products while waiting for the new one to arrive. The shots are made with a model and require travelling - so here we have model payments and travel expenses too. After the 1st photo session, I've reached to the client to ask if he wants to see the full image gallery (about 80images) and to choose the 20 images I was hired for. 3 days no word from the client and as my deadline for the contract was coming I've selected and sent him in full res the 20 images. So here the fun begins:
The client said he (and the team) do not like any of the photos. He than totally changed his requirements of the photographs. [When I've started the project, in the job post were attached similar images to what the client want. When I've applied to the job, I've sent my similar photographs, so the client knows my style - and he said this is what he is looking for. ] So, a discussion started with the client me-trying to undesrtand what he wants and him- trying to make me do a new photo session. For example - he says he wants the images to be more close - and than I send him images that are more close (from that other 80images that I have from the same session), but now I send him small with a logo - showing that we have such image and if he wants I can give it to him. Than he says that the closeness is good but there is some other problem.. Again I send him photo that covers his problem, but he only wants a new session, where the model is dressed differently. Long story short - whatever I've tried I could not communicate with the client as he was changed his wishes with every new sentence. After some time the client told me that things can't work here and will give me 100$, which is 1/3rd of what he had to pay me. He ended the contract and wanted a refund. I declined the refund and told him that I want all of my money. He tried to make me believe that he is giving me 100$ as a bonus, even though my photos are useless. But at the same minute I've pressed the decline of refund and making a disclaimer - the client totally changed. He became super nice, he not only paid me the money I wanted but gave me +30% and left me a 5 star review. He immediately asked me to end the dispute. Cool - I have my money now, but this client is a total fraud. I see other freelancer shared similar reviews. He only tried to make me work more- do a new session so he gets more free images. How can I report this client to the Upwork service, as I believe that the healthy community of Upwork do not deserve this? Also, I wish to protect other freelancers from being scammed. 
Thank you!

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There seems to be nothing to report here, use the feedback function on the contract to give your honest feedback and warnings to others. That is exactly what it is for. (Which you did! Well done! Many people will shy away from honest feedback, but it is really useful to other people, so thank you for that.)

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A very interesting story, thank you for sharing, Kristina! 👍
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