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Freelancers Rights (or Expectations? may be!)

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Md. Ridwan Siddiqu W wrote:

 So they don't have the luxury to violate the rules knowingly or intentionally at all.

Such people should find out the rules first, then they can't "unknowingly" or "unintetially" violate them... The platform is drowning in such new freelancers... I see profiles of such freelancers day in, day out. Freelancers who are dishonest about their skills, their background, their location, their degree, their languages, who have overviews that were copied from others, portfolio items that are not their own work, who are profile building by means of fake contracts with fake clients and so on, and so on. 

I am all for Upwork getting rid of them. They harm the platform and everyone on it.

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Md. Ridwan Siddiqu W Member Since: May 3, 2020
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Hi Petra! Thanks for the response!


I agree with you 100%! No one should be allowed to have their businesses on Upwork without knowing the terms of service or by providing false information.


Thanks for your time. Smiley Happy

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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Corporations are only bound to observe the laws. If it is not illegal to ban someone from a platform without explanation, then the corporation can do so. You may wish for an explanation, but you aren't entitled to one unless you have some specific right granted by law or contract. 

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Md. Ridwan Siddiqu W Member Since: May 3, 2020
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Hi Tonya! Thanks for your response!