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Frustrated with status changes

I recently discovered my rising talent status and 100 percent satisfaction rate have disappeared, and I believe it has cost me two contracts so far. I read the help articles, and I am frustrated that the work I put into freelancing is now undone because of my absence. Is there any way to restore my credentials? Otherwise, I may have to settle for low-paying beginner jobs, and since I pay monthly fees and cost-per-proposal fees, it would not be feasible for me.

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JSS (what you're calling "satisfaction") is based on the most positive of a 6-month, 12-month, or 2-year window. You only have one rating in the past two years, which is not enough to have a score. You'll have to do a few more jobs to get a JSS, and it won't take into account anything that you did more than two years ago.


In a sense, you're starting from scratch, which seems fair to me because a lot can change in two years and there's no reliable information to indicate your performance today. Still, you get the benefit of your history and the ratings on your profile, which puts you far ahead of true newcomers. 


It's a bit of a leap to assume that missing score cost you two jobs, unless the clients said, "Gee, everything looks great, but I'm going with someone who has a strong JSS." 


I wouldn't recommend trying to rebuild with low-paying beginner jobs. They'll hurt your profile and often cheapskate clients are the hardest to please, so it may backfire by saddling you with low JSS.

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