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GST Registration


I have recently joined Upwork and am located in India. Do we need to register for GST yet?

Is Paypal a good way to withdraw earnings yet. My earning is barely $20.

Look forward to your guidance!

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Retired Team Member

Hi Harsh,


If you do not currently have a GST number, you may wish to consult with a trusted tax expert or advisor. Upwork cannot provide tax advice.

While I`m not sure what is the best option for withdrawing your earnings in your country, I can refer you to this Guide where you can learn more about our available options. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Hi Harsh,


Exporter of services are not required to apply for GST unless their trunover exceeds INR 20 lacs. However there are many touchpoints wherein you are mandatorily asked for a GSTIN, PayPal in one such entity which is asking for GSTIN to be able to withdraw funds received from outside India.


Also, a better long term approach would be to register for GST and ensure GST compliance so that you don't have to keep checking the applicability everytime you bid for a client. 


I'm a Qualified Chartered Accountant, let me know if I can help you understand more. Thanks!

Hello Shubham,

I am just starting on Upwork. Can you please guide GST process? Thanks in advance.

Hi Devayani,


Please check your Upwork Forum inbox. I have sent you my contact details.


Hope this will help, thanks!

Hi Shubham,

I have some questions regarding GST from upwork and I would be really glad if you could answer them. We are a Pvt Ltd Organization and we are looking for some long term works from upwork. We have our GST number.

Since the application of Section 194-O being implied by Upwork, 1% TDS is being deducted for every income earned through upwork now obviously upwork is going to submit the TDS against the company's PAN.

When I do a wire transfer of such income, would that still be under export of services as zero-rated supply? Confused here because otherwise on the export of services, no TDS is deducted.

Also is the export of services still thing applicable if the client is from India only? Because eventually, I would be doing a wire transfer to get paid.

Hi Nikhil,


Your Gross Service value needs to be reported in GST return (bifurcated into zero-rated for foreign clients and 18% for domestic clients.) You need to show the 20% commission charged by Upwork as an expense and pay GST on a reverse charge basis. You can use this GST paid against your liability for domestic business.


Though you are receiving a wire transfer from domestic clients too, a wise approach would be to report it under 18% to avoid any future queries from the department.


Hope this will help, in case you need help in compliance, you can write to me at shubham@filemygstr.com



Hi Subham,

Is it possible to ask you a couple questions on email or dm regarding gst filing? I just join upwork this month, and I had a couple doubts.  Please get in touch at the earliest. Thank you.

Hello, shubham I'm a newcomer at upwork and i have already got an opportunity to start a work they are paying good I don't wanna miss this opportunity but i wanted to know if my GST process will play any hindrances while withdrawal cause i don't know how to apply for GSTIN.

Hi shubham

I am new on upwork. I have applied for PAN number. My earning is not more than 2-3 lacs per annum. Do i still need GST number?

I currently working on a cobtract on upwork

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