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Help with another user's account

Hello all,


I am here on the behalf of another freelancer who wants to reopen his closed account but has no means to contact you. 


Could you please assist?


Ps: This is an urgent matter so please do not ask me to send you a private message if you will not check it.  Thank you


Hi all,


I understand your friend or colleague would like to contact support and resolve the issue with their Upwork account. They should be able to reach out to our support team via the chatbot without having to log in.

How do I reach a human in customer support?



  1. Please visit Contact Support and click the 'Chat with Upwork' button.
  2. Type a question or topic and select 'Send'. The bot will find relevant Help articles for you.
  3. The chatbot will ask you to confirm if you need additional help. If you confirm that you need additional help, you will be asked to confirm the account type you need help with.
  4. From there, the support options available to you will be listed. Select either of the options to be able to contact the Upwork Support Team.
Hi all,
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Thank you!
~ Nikola

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Hi everyone my friend **Edited for Community Guidelines** account is being blocked from upwork , he can't reach to the upwork community right now, so his issue was that around 119.01$ haven't been to his local bank, upwork ask him for his bank statement but he was busy with his work , now he has his 4 months bank statement in his hand and he is willing to submit to upwork so kindly upwork community concern him over his issue,reopen his issue id also. Thank you

email: **Edited for Community Guidelines**



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Is there any one to respond over my quotations? what I said above.

Hi Hammad,


We certainly understand the urgency and importance of getting your friend's account issue resolved immediately. However, we won't be able to discuss the status of another user's account for privacy and security reasons. 


Your friend should be able to contact our support team via the chatbot without logging in. To access our support services, it would be best to follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Help Center's navigation bar and select the "Contact Support" option.
  2. Choose the "Chat with Upwork" option to initiate a conversation with our chatbot.
  3. Type in a question or topic and click "Send." The chatbot will provide relevant articles related to your question.
We strongly encourage everyone to use the chatbot to access support options. Asking for assistance directly may not provide sufficient information for the chatbot to assist you appropriately - for example, creating a ticket for you with the right team according to your concern.
~ Arjay
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My friend asked the chatbot to reopen his account, bot refer his request the community opened his support request and he could not findhis account, his account is still blocked as you can see in the picture. They marksd the status solved.

ID: #46872985

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hello, Is there anyone from the community to reply over the quotations I typed above??

I dont know which type of platform is this? My friend's money is being stucked.

Hammad, I'm sorry your friend is still having trouble with this. As Arjay mentioned in his previous post, we can't discuss the details of another user's account for privacy reasons. If your friend is having trouble contacting support via the chatbot, you can advise him to reply to the original notification he received via email and communicate with the team that way. 

~ Luiggi

Ok my friend has replied over there . If they wont respond to his mail. I will again ring the bell over here.

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My client, who currently resides in Canada but originally hails from Bangladesh, encountered an issue while attempting to add his billing method on Upwork. Despite using a Bangladeshi visa card issued by a bank in Bangladesh, the transaction was declined by Upwork. The bank says, they don't have any issuess in their end.


Note: He is my BYOC


Could you please assist us in resolving this matter? We would greatly appreciate any guidance or support you can provide to ensure that my client is able to successfully set up their billing method on Upwork.


Thank you



Thank you for reaching out to us. Could you please ask your client to reach out to us directly so that we can assist them accordingly? Please note that for privacy reasons, we cannot share information about another’s user’s account which we hope you understand. 

~ Nikola
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Hi NikolaS,

Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate your time.

I have a quick clarification regarding Upwork's billing methods.

Does Upwork allow adding Billing methods from another country?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Nayan S.


Thank you for following up, MD. NAYAN. 


You may want to check this helpful article for more information about available billing methods.

~ Nikola
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Thank you once again for your quick response, NikolaS.

Unfortunately, my inquiry was not addressed in the article.


Best regards,
Nayan S.

Hi Md. Nayan,


I am sorry to hear about the trouble faced by your client while adding a billing method. To answer your question about adding a billing method from a different country, this is allowed but there are chances that the bank may decline or limit the transaction for security purposes. 


I advise you to urge your client to reach out to us directly. This will enable us to thoroughly assess their issue and provide them with a customized solution.


- Pradeep

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