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How to add my social media pages, weblinks to my published work?

I have a lot of content published online, eg newspaper articles, my own website, social media pages, but I have just joined Upwork so I do not have Upwork projects to share. I would like to add links to my newspaper articles and online content for clients to easily go through my work. 
How and in which section can I do this?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ambreen,


You can use your portfolio to show off projects related to any or all of your skills, so long as you personally have worked on every item you add and adhere to all of Upwork’s Terms of Service. Please note that like the rest of your profile, posting contact info isn’t allowed in your portfolio. That means these files (and linked sites) can’t include your email address, phone number, or chat ID. You can consider sharing your past work and portfolio websites in your proposals, but please make sure to ask the client to only contact you via Upwork.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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