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Huge job posting bug!

Hello Upwork team,


   I noticed today a very serious bug on my job feed. I saw two extremely interesting jobs in my profession posted like 5 and 10 minutes ago. When I open to read the job description, it says the jobs were posted 3 days ago?! And it already has the 50+ proposals, and number of interviews and even a hires! This is so frustrating because the jobs are rare and I usually bid for that sort of work. I will give you the link of the jobs. And yeah, I constantly keep refreshing my job feed! Please, explain me this, because it is extremely frustrating to have a feeling like the site is hiding the job from me.


job links:


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it says posted 21 minutes ago, when you open it it says last viewed by client 3 days ago???? hires 3, interviewing 7 people. And i constantly follow my job feed! No way in the world that I could miss this post, no way.


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similar situation here, posted couple minutes ago but when opened it says last viewed by client 4 days ago???


Please explain this.


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Retired Team Member

Hi Aleksandar,


Thank you for reporting this. I will escalate it to our engineering team to investigate it further. Once the investigation is finished our team will reach out to you directly with more details and assist you further. 

~ Goran

Hello once again Upwork team.


   I received an e-mail from the Upwork help center where they are notifying me that they are notified about the problem and will be reaching out to me some time in the future. In the meantime this bug has repeated so I'm posting you a couple of screen shots in order to help you in you further investigation about the problem. 


  I also noticed that when I save the jobs, in the 'saved jobs feed' there is an information that these jobs were posted 1 year ago or even 2 years ago. Please, explain this.





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