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I'm desperate

Hey everyone, hope you have a great day.


So, a year ago I got into a dispute with a client who was asking for more work. Something like "I'll text you next week and you'll make another one". When I kindly told him that's not what was stated in the job description, he started being rude, insulting me, and... You got the point. Of course, I won the dispute, but Upwork allowed the client to leave feedback, absurdly.

It was at the start of my Upwork career, after two 5-stars jobs.


People have stopped replying to my proposals whatsoever. After a month of tries, I went for a low-paid job from a client with 3 stars rating. That's where I got a not-so-good review, which dropped my JSS to 63%. Stuff like that happens but after this scam client, it destroyed my JSS.


So, a year passed and I got 0 replies to my proposals.


I'm desperate now, I really don't know what to do. I tried everything, different proposals, taking niche jobs, low-paid jobs, honestly saying that I need feedback, nothing works. I feel like the first jobs are kind of make or break, and I didn't make it.


I asked different people on forums.

A guy who uses Upwork as a client told me that no one will ever open a proposal from someone with 63% JSS (if there are other proposals). 

Other people mostly advised me to change the freelance platform.


Is that it?

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I've had 63% JSS before, it is possible to recover from it. For now, if I were you, I'd refund the 2 jobs with bad feedback, while it won't improve your JSS, but it looks really bad to have those 2 back-to-back on your work history. The 2 bad feedbacks are from small jobs, so their impact on your JSS is not actually as bad, if you land 1 job in the future of $500 and more with good feedback, it will likely bump your JSS to 90%+ . So, improve your profile, remove bad feedbacks, be more cautious for next jobs. While you do want to offer free perks & services to clients to attract them and ignore your JSS, you DON'T want to go for low-paying clients, as those are the ones who usually bully the freelancer to get as much free work as they can.

The time limit for refunding has passed. It's 180 days, I believe.

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