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I have been on Upwork for over 6 months and I have only gotten one invite. I was recently given Rising Talent barge but still, I am not getting any invite aside from the previous one that I earlier received and my profile view is always 1 or less than 4. I really don't understand how the Upwork algorithm works.


I have three specialized profiles that are properly articulated with my right skill-sets and I also have a nice portfolio. I even change my Titles and overview at different times all to no avail. Is it that Upwork is not suggesting my profile to clients? I really don't understand why I'm not getting invites and profile view even with my rising talent. This is my profile link https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/~01c6532a76d743bedf/

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You worked for a rate of $8 with a bad review but have $25 as your profile rate. Work for 5-7$ until you get some good reviews.

You picked one out of 7 reviews. I had 5 star reviews on all the projects before that one and I had 4.55 star on other projects after that one. One client has hired me thrice.
That should tell you that the review from that client was not a true assessment. He was not responsive throughout the project and he even gave other freelancers he hired on the same project, 1 star review.
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In addition to what Viacheslav said, understand that nobody receives viable invitations until they've established a top-notch job history. Until then, you have to go looking for the projects you want, bid on them and win them, then deliver above and beyond each client's expectations.


Thanks but aside for the invites, the profile view is always 1 or less than 4. That means Upwork is not promoting my profile.

Rasaki A wrote:
Thanks but aside for the invites, the profile view is always 1 or less than 4. That means Upwork is not promoting my profile.

UW does not "promote" anybody's profile. There's some kind of rotation system whereby everybody gets a chance to turn up higher in search results. I've always been able to tell when it was my turn to appear higher in the rotation -- ETA based on invitations (even early in my UW career when the quality of those invitations was not good). That being said, I've also never considered profile views to be a reliable indicator of anything. The only way to get traction here and start earning money consistently is to hustle. Invitations are great but it takes a long time to reach the point where both the quantity and quality are what you'd like. And even once that happens, things still ebb and flow. 

I would expect most of my profile views to come from my proposals rather than being in the suggested freelancers list, because in my feed I see many job postings with 0 invites sent, meaning many job posters do not even look at the list. They hit send and wait for the freelancers to come to them. There's nothing Upwork can do there.

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