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Is it allowed to test payment methods on Upwork?

I got an offer to user test a payment method through UW. It is a FinTech company but on an ecommerce site. It requires a 10 EUR transaction to perform the transaction but they will fund it via Upwork before we start the project and account for the 20% fee I pay to UW. So the first milestone will be for 12,5 EUR. So I do not have to use my own funds to perform the tests.


Is this allowed?

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It is not allowed. All transactions from freelancers and clients must go through Upwork. If you send money on an ecommerce website, it is outside of Upwork and it is a violation of Upwork's Terms of Service.

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lol you ever ask yourself why someone would need to test their payment system? You ever ask yourself why they aren't using their own card to do it? Have you thought this through? Or are you just concerned that it's allowed and that's all that matters?

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They are based in Norway, they have launched their method in Sweden and do not have Swedish bank accounts to test it with. It is not through my creditcard. It is an open banking solution which is very common here in Scandinavia. I worked as a tester with Testbirds and Testlio before and it was quite common with these types of tests. 

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You claim to be a writer.  How does this gig enhance your profile?


But to answer your original question.  Once you withdraw money from upwork it is your money.  You can do whatever.


But most likely you will be cheated

Freelancers can do whatever they want with the money they withdraw, but they cannot use it outside Upwork to meet job requirement for a job they got through Upwork. 

How is this different than you paying for miscellaneous stuff you have to buy to do your work?


Do you happen to have a link to what you you are saying?

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