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Is it possible to separate the notifications for Freelancer and Client accounts?

If I use my Client account to create a job, when I go back to my Freelancer account for whatever reason I always see a lot of spam notifications from my Client account (freelancers accepting or declining invites, new proposals, suggestions like "Find more freelancers like those you invited" etc.) All of which I find super irrelevant and kind of annoying when I'm on my Freelancer profile.

When I'm on my Freelancer profile I'd much rather only see my Freelancer notifications, and when I'm on my Client profile I'd much rather see only my Client notifications.

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for sharing your suggestion and insights into how you use your Upwork account. The notifications feed is currently the same across all contexts (freelancer, agency, client) within the account. Our product teams are planning to look into how we can provide Upwork talent and clients with more control over their notification settings and make your experience with notifications better. I'll be sharing your feedback with them as well. 

~ Valeria
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