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JSS Decreased after Last Update on 31st October

Hello Upwork Community Members,


I hope this message finds you well!


This query is specifically for Upwork moderators. My JSS was 100% before last update happened on 31st October, 2021 but now it's 79%. I am really confused about how it comes to 79%.


I have 7 closed contracts out of which 1 contract is more than 3 years older and hence it is out of 24 months rolling period. So, total contracts come to 6 for 24 months. I believe that my last contract which was closed on Friday got poor private feedback which leads to it.


Please help me with explanation about how it comes to 79% and how can I get back to more than 90%. I am 6 weeks eligible out of 16 weeks for Top rated Status.




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Community Manager

Hi Naresh, 

Please know that your Job Success Score is calculated on rolling windows, and the highest score in this rolling window is your Job Success Score. Many factors go into your score's calculation, including public and private feedback given when the contract is closed, the weight of the contract, etc.

Your score can change because:

  • You receive poor public or private feedback from one or more clients.
  • You receive very positive public or private feedback from one or more clients.
  • A higher-value job is added to your score and outweighs lower-value jobs.
  • Jobs you completed in the past are no longer considered because they are outside the score's time frame.

I won't be able to share information about any specific feedback, but you can find more information under the "Why did my Job Success Score change?" section in this article.


~ Avery

Hi Avery,

Thank you very much for your valuable information on JSS! I really appreciate it.

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Did you have any cancelled contracts?
If not, then it is most likely your last closed contract.

Are the jobs in progress active? If not, asking your client to close them will bring your JSS up for sure (if they will leave a good private feedback).

Hi Viacheslav,

I did not have any cancelled contract. I am also guessing that it should be my last closed contract which has affected my JSS. Yes, I do have two two active contracts and hence they cannot be closed.

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