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Job success rate is not showing up

Hi Dear Team,


All of sudden my job success rate is not showing up. Can you please help me solve this issue.


Warm Regards

Vipin Sharma

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Vipin,


The Job Success Score is calculated on 6-12 and 24 months windows. In order for you to receive your Job Success Score, you will need to have eight completed projects. The projects need to be with at least three different clients and take place within a 24-month period. Thank you.

~ Goran

I'm as a freelancer since 2017 and did projects and my JSS was 95 but then it dropped over time and also since June i was not active as I got covid and I was hospitalized. Now when I,'m back, not bale to see my JSS.

Vipin, you only have 6 completed contracts in the maximum 24 month window.


You also have some poor outcomes, so you are better off with NO JSS than a poor one

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