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Landing jobs

Hello UpWorkers, 


About me, I have been on here for a several months now and I have only landed 1 gig. And when I did that one gig I didnt know about the recorded hourly time tracker thingy, so from the UpWork system I have no hours recorded - which is a bummer.

I have applied for many many jobs so far, some have answered we chat a bit than they just stop talking to me for reasons unknown, others talk give me some guidelines than again I dont hear from them, and the rest I dont hear anything from. 

I feel like maybe I should stop doing this illustration, design, digital artwork as I dont get anywhere with it and just go back to being a personal trainer. I understand there's loads of designer, artists, creatives and so on in this field and its a tuff market. But its a bit disheartening when you constantly get no response.


I havent applied recently as Im almost out of connects, and have been busy with other stuff. But maybe some people can take a look at my profile and let me know what they think I could improve on?


Thanks again people!

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There's nothing "wrong" with your profile, really, but you could bulk it out a bit more. You might try focussing on marketing the street artist aspect of your work - that's really "in" right now and would help you stand out. Lots of businesses hire street artists to do murals and signs for them; you should try registering with some design agencies in London. (I also sent you a PM.) 


It's not normal that clients would initiate conversations and then lose interest, though. I find that when clients are interested enough to start talking to me, I get hired about 75% of the time. You might want to google "how to close a sale" and try to figure out if you're doing something wrong there.

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Same experience here. I'm very demotivated.

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