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Long-term contracts and Top Rated

Hey guys, I was wondering how the Top Rated status relates to long term contracts? I am hoping to start a long term contract with a client, but I'm also on my way to being eligable for Top Rated. The client (if they give me the job) doesn't want me to work for anyone else for at least a year, though likely I would want to continue with them for longer as they do fascinating projects.


I'm about a month into Top Rated eligability, which I still want to get, and subsequently maintain, and I was wondering how this will work in such a scenario. Obviously my general activity on Upwork would decrease considerably. 

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Your profile status--whether it's Top-Rated, Top-Rated Plus, or Expert-Vetted--is most likely irrelevant if you only work for one client with no possibly of working for any other client.

One of the "perks" of being Top-Rated, Top-Rated Plus, or Expert-Vetted, is how you are perceived by clients. Many clients rely on your profile status to make hiring decisions. Being Top-Rated, Top-Rated Plus, or Expert-Vetted shows potential clients that you have been successful in providing great services on Upwork. The Top-Rated, Top-Rated Plus, or Expert-Vetted designations are supposed to help you stand out and attract more clients. However, if you work for only one client for a year and ignore the rest, your Top-Rated status probably does not mean much.

Personally, I would be skeptical of a client who asked me to be exclusive. But, it’s totally fine if you have discussed it with the client and you are agreeable to it.

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Is this some type of non-compete clause that they want in place, or they don't want you to have any other clients, period?


This is called putting all your eggs in one basket. Should this client for whatever reason close their doors, or stop needing your services, they would, or could majorly comprise your income earning ability during the time you were engaged in this contract, as you wouldn't be looking for new business.


They are holding all of the cards, and for that reason, I would be very careful as to what you agree to.

Yeah they're fine I think I made a fairly extensive background check, they have a large and excellent reputation on Upwork. I think as it's a hard, full time job, and they'll be spending a fair amount on training, they're just looking for commitment, which is understandable and for me it's a good opportunity. I just wanted to know if in a year or so, if my account will be essentially registered as "dead" as I wasn't looking for any other work or viewing offers. 


I appriciate you guys concern though that's very nice you're looking out for me. 🙂

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Create a quarterly Milestone contract with the client so you don't completely get reduced in this site.

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