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Manual Hours Not Showing in TIME & EARNINGS

A job I worked is complete and the client is ready to pay me.


The client originally authorized one hour of time, but then approved manual time. I worked a total of four hours, so I added three hours manually.


As the attached screenshots show, the manual hours show in the WORK DIARY but not in TIME & EARNINGS. TIME & EARNINGS shows only one hour.


What do I need to do so that the client can pay me for all four hours worked?


(And as the screenshots also show, I did not enter the hours on another contract. All hours in question are entered on the same contract.)


Thanks in advance for any help!


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The weekly limit is the weekly limit for the grand total of any hours, tracked and manual.


Adding manual time over the weekly limit does absolutely nothing, they are over the weekly limit.


The client can either (if it is THIS week) increase the weekly limit, then the over-the-limit hours will count, or, if the job is closed or the time was logged for last week, pay via a bonus.


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