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Manual Hours Payment


I am working on my first project at Upwork. I am not very familiar with the full payment process, and I am not sure how does it work, but my client says he can not pay my manual added hours. We fixed a price per hour and a total limit.

So, he paid me half of the work as a Bonus, and he is asking me to deliver all the work, and then he will pay the other half.

Is this normal? I am afraid to be scammed.

Can you guys help me, please?

I attached two screenshots. One message and one email from UpWork regarding the bonus.


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Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Vasco,


When you`re working on hourly contracts your clients are billed every Monday for the time tracked/added in the previous week. 
If you add manual time this week, your client will be automatically charged on Monday. To learn more about how you`re getting paid on hourly contracts check out this Help Article
Also, please keep in mind that manual time is not protected under Hourly payment protection and I would recommend tracking your time with our desktop app.
Regarding the work, I would recommend communicating with your client further about how to deliver the work and if you will be paid via bonus or for adding manual time. Thank you.

~ Goran
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