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My Job Success Score has decreased in ways I don't understand.

Hello. I did business with a client, his job was completed, but the client just said he wanted to cancel this job. He said I had mistakes, I didn't get any response when I asked what my mistakes were and only tried to cancel this job. So I agreed to cancel the job so as not to make him unhappy. However, after that, my JSS decreased and it is very difficult for me to get a job now. And I delivered the work files to the client.

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Oktay, seems like you had a bad client. Your mistake was confusing customer service with free service. Your client definitely left bad private feedback. You submitted work that you should have been paid for. Instead of disputing the mistakes and resubmitting, you relented and gave your work away for free. You can report the client's behavior to Upwork. You can block the client. You cannot get the money you are owed, because you waived it.


I highly recommend you review the content that Upwork has published regarding finding clients and jobs and handling disputes. They strictly advise against doing what you did. There is also a wealth of information from very successful freelancers who use this platform. One example is Morgan Overholt, who has published multiple pieces about identifying bad clients.


I wish you the best. Unfortunately, this was a painful learning experience.

First of all, thank you for your comment. I have a question, the most important point for me right now is JSS, can I report it to UpWork and have it deleted?

Unfortunately no. But you can still earn jobs with a low jss

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