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My client got suspended. What's gonna happen my contract?

She contacted with me first time 2 days ago about NFT website. She told me that she is in hurry and I was working hard on this project. We set 2 milestones and I delivered the first and the biggest milestones. She asked some edits and I was working on it then I got an email from Upwork about that client suspended because of potentially fraudulent activity and they paused the contract.

So I worked really so hard for 2 days because she was in hurry and I really wanna build a great Freelancer profile. I always care a lot the clients and doing my best to get 5 stars review and long term opportunity. That's why I literally worked nonstop and then this happened. 

What's gonna happen to my milestone? I don't care the rest of the contract. I just want what I deserved but I will be very frusrated if Upwork tell me that we are not gonna pay you. 

I'm sure this happened a lot before and I want to know the process. I already contact with Upwork and waiting for answer. 

Hope they will make the payment otherwise I really will lose my trust on Upwork. It's not my fault and no one want to work for free 10-12 hours per day for 2 days.

Thanks in advance


Hi Mehmet,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your recent experience and how you feel about the same. I see that you have already responded to the support ticket initiated to notify you about the action taken on your client account. One of our team members will reach out to you as soon as possible to assist you further. Please don't hesitate to follow up with them on your support ticket if you have additional questions regarding your concern. 


Thank you.


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You can never know whether a client is temporarily suspended  or permanently suspended. Upwork does not disclose that information.


If the problem that caused the suspension is resolved, your client and project might be unsuspended, in which case your chances of eventually being paid in full are much greater.


But you also have no way of knowing whether or when suspension will be lifted by Upwork. 


If suspension is not lifted, there is no reason to think you will ever get paid for your work. You might be able to avoid this situation in the future if you review a prospective client's feedback from their previous freelancers. But even that is not a 100% guarentee a client will be honest.

It is like Upwork overprotects a little the clients compared to which some ones deserte.

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Next time, when someone that you do not know is on a rush.... let it go. In my experience, rush is often a pathway to fraud, as it does not allow you space to think and decide properly 😉

Being in a rush is a pathway to be defrauded, I just suffered such a thing also. Then, when other client has a contract suspended, he can go to the toilet and through his rush, and if he leys feedback I would seeking a Upwork support to remove it.

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Mehmet Cagdas B wrote:

 We set 2 milestones and I delivered the first and the biggest milestones. 
What's gonna happen to my milestone?

Did you correctly submit the work through the "submit work for payment" on the milestone?

If so, sit back quietly and wait. Hopefully the funds will be released when the client approves the milestone or after 14 days.


The only time this would not happen would be if the client used a stolen or hacked payment method.

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