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My surname on my profile.

My name on my profile is Josip L. but it should be Josip Lj. How do I change this?


Hi Josip,


By design, your public name will be shown as your name and the initial of your last name only. This is for privacy reasons.


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I understand but the letter should be 'Lj' not L.
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My surname initial should be letter 'Lj'. Can I change this? Thanks in advance.


The freelancer's last name is displayed using the first letter in their last name.


"Lj" is not a letter.

It is two letters.

it is "L" followed by "j".

LJ is the 17th letter of the Croatian alphabet. Indicates palatal lateral approximation. The letter lj was formed by combining the letters l and j.

But there is no way for Upwork's software to know all that.


It's all automated.


Upwork's software is simply grabbing the last name value from the database and displaying the first letter.


It has no way to display "Lj" unless you manage to get your last name into the system using that Croatian letter, with a 2-byte character that displays as "Lj".

Well can I try something with upwork or? 

Thank You for Your reply.

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