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NEW SYSTEM to solve this CHAOS !!

It seems that the vast majority of the "freelancers" who represent the "backbone" of this site are affected and angry with the recent increases and the "boost" systems that have been activated in order to ensure that the site obtains more profits from the "freelancers" dealings with customers.

The main goal of the existence of Freelancer here on this site is profit, and it is not logical for Freelancer to continue amid these “crazy” increases and unjustified burdens, which deduct from it approximately more than 70-80% of the income that it obtains through its “efforts.” And his tiredness and hardship in serving his customers.

In the end, it seems that these increases are a "fall" against the site and its administrators, as they express their "complete" lack of interest in the interest of the labor force that earns them profits and on which they depend for full support.

In one of the topics on this site, and amidst the many angry comments, I suggested something that might be a solution that satisfies all parties a NEW SYSTEM instead of this increase in boosts and bidding connects.

Why can't we use those "already there" labels with every job
Screenshot 2023-03-15 202517.jpeg


Screenshot 2023-03-15 202540.jpeg


Screenshot 2023-03-15 202613.jpeg


In determining the points required to apply for work, in short, the customer, according to the quality of the required results, automatically determines the required points.


Freelancers are classified on this site according to the same evaluation, for example:

A freelancer who has achieved more than $10,000 on this site shows him only the jobs that the customer evaluated as EXPERT, and the connects required to apply for them are from freelancers who are at the same level between 6-10 connects . As they have the ability to pay this amount to get that job.

The situation is the same for other freelancers, so another one who achieved more on this site between $2000-10000 shows him only the jobs that the customer evaluated as INTERMEDIATE, and the connects required to apply for them are freelancers who are at the same level between 4-8 points.


The same situation applies to other freelancers. Another person who has achieved less than $1,000 on this site shows him only the jobs that the customer evaluated as having average experience, and the connects required to apply for them are freelancers who are at the same level between 2-6 connects.

The higher freelancer is not allowed to apply except for one level lower than him, and the lower one is allowed to apply at any level higher than him "on his personal guarantee" as he will enter a level in applying for jobs in which he may find it difficult to compete until he reaches a higher level.



Also making rewards for every work that is accomplished and completed like giving free connects to freelancers for each job they make with 5 stars besides the amount of the bonuses when customers opens a conversation.

I dont know but i am thinking on the favour of everyone interests.! Cause the new increases and boosts system are HUMILATING the freelancers for real!!

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I think you would be better served trying to land a few more projects and completing them with 100% success rather than wasting your time trying to change a system that is not going to be changed just because the freelancers don't like it.


Your logic is also inherently flawed. A higher freelancer should be allowed to apply to any job which strikes his or her fancy; we've earned our status. I can't tell you how many times I've convinced a client that even though I charge more per hour than other freelancers, in the end it's worth it because I also work more quickly and draw on valuable experience which in the end can save clients lots of headaches and money.


A lower level freelancer on the other hand, applying for a job for which he has no credentials whatsoever, is just wasting a client's time, which is more valuable than money.


Good clients are likely either ignoring boosted proposals entirely, or if they do occasionally come across one that has value, hiring a great freelancer and saving themselves time and money.

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The idea is to provide suitable conditions and equal opportunities for obtaining jobs for all categories of freelancers.


It is not necessary that the new freelancers on the site and those with low budgets should be providing “weak and bad” service and not have practical experience in life outside the Upwork site. I personally have been working in my field for more than 7 or 8 years in advertising companies and agencies Graphic design, and I have a lot of experience, but all of this is not recognized here and has no value. We have to start from “zero” in neutral and appropriate conditions that give everyone opportunities to prove themselves and their expertise.


And this will not happen with the insane increases in the points required to apply for a job here and the additional posts that give advantages only to those with “a lot of money” and kill any opportunity to compete from any beginner on the site or any new Freelancer. If the current situation continues, all freelancers will end here who achieved less than $10,000 because they will spend almost all of their profits on purchasing connects and share cuts.


And only a group of those who are above 10 thousand dollars will remain, and they will withdraw one by one, because this increase in expenses will affect them in the long run, and they will suffer the same suffering as those who did not achieve huge sums.

The whole situation now is unfair at all.

How is any of that relevant? I started on Upwork after I had been a creative director for a private company for 20 years. I think my first gig paid $25. I handwrote letters for another client and basically took all manner of low paying gigs when I first joined to try to get the rising talent badge, some Upwork experience, and glowing reviews.


What I'm saying is if you focus on providing exceptional results on the projects you DO land that will take you much further than complaining on the forums.

That was in years there were good and fair chances to compete with other freelancers and fair amount of connects, but imagine you are beginning "RIGHT NOW" after these increases.!!  you won't get any chance to do anything as you have now no connects to use on bidding against those who are PAYING to get jobs.


Make a new profile and try to get a one JOB with these new increases.!! or even try to send 3 or 4 biddings !! you will find that you have no chance but to wait MONTHS for your first "CHEAP" job and it wont worth the wait .


These increase will beifits you only if you have a great budgets. but as a begainer ? that wont happen now. 

You have gotten jobs. You have apparently COMPLETED jobs as recently as February of this year, yet for those three jobs you have "NO FEEDBACK GIVEN." Your Job Success score is 70%. When a client posts a job he can specify that he wants a JSS of 80% or 90% or better. YOU WILL GET FAR MORE JOBS, BOOSTED OR NOT, if you complete the projects you DO get in such a way that you get 5 star reviews and glowing client feedback. You should focus on THAT and not how unfair you perceive the system to be to freelancers who have worked their butts off to get where they are.

If you don't notice I was talking about the recent boost changes and bidding connect increases, before this it was good.


And about the jobs, I didn't get any job since the 19th of January, that seems like 2 months before.


And for the last 3 NO FEEDBACK GIVEN jobs I've ended them by myself because I thought ended jobs will fix the JSS problem and improve it as I dont know why my JSS is 70% while no one gave me bad rate or lower than 5/5 ,and no client complaint on my service in messages and they all happy. This JSS percentage affectedme a lot and dont know why, its not logic.


I am talking the latest increases and boost system.

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I understand what you're saying.. it's hard when you're new trying to get into anything. The system does reward those who have had a chance to be here more, for sure. Some will say to price low and do some projects at a low rate just to get something listed here. It's one choice, for sure.. but as already has been said, I don't imagine they'll change the system and I also imagine some of the senior folks actually like it.

Indeed that's what I am talking about, there are no FAIR chances for all freelancers it's all focuses on the guys who already made a lot amount of money, but the newcomers and beginner ? they have no chance now.


The biggest problem that all SENIOR PROFILES here are started as newcomers one day with  better chances, and after destroying the chances for nowadays beginners and newcomers there will be no NEW SENIOR PROFILES and this will make it a closed group of high budgets.


At the end THOSE SENIOR PROFILE will be consumed also!! 

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  1. If boosting bids is 75% of your income you are gambling, to the point you can even lose money here!
  2. How much you earned on this site has nothing to do with your expertise. I can have literally just created account here and be top talent in my field. 
  3. Many clients don't even know what they want when they pick "expert" "entry level" or "itermediate"(Most of the time clients chose intermediate because it sounds like "best value" ).
  4. If rewards for every work taht give you meaningfull amount of connects means you value quantity over quality of your jobs which is huge overhead for Upwork due to all the transactions handling (among many other things) And its one of the reasons we have the 20-10-5% cut system. 


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I feel like Petra lol. Signing off.

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Yeah. I thought about replying, but then I saw their responses to your reality checks and decided against it.

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