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New to Upwork

Hi guys! I’m new to upwork and can't seem to secure any jobs. Any advise? I don't really know how to secure one...help??

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Start with reading this thread to help you avoid scams. There is other good info in the pinned posts in the New to Upwork forum.


Other than that, you mainly need a lot of patience and a lot of connects.

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I landed a job with my profile so I will recommend you update your profile to 100% and set your actual skills in which you are proficient. Make a good portfolio and project catalog related to your skills. Keep patience and bid regularly as per your related skilled search post. 

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Hi Leaine,

I took a quick look & whilst I'm no expert at profiles I'm aware how short people's attention span is, & how important those 7 lines are to quickly sell yourself, so here's my 2 cents based on my purely personal "old school" opinion.

1) Hi There and wave emoji - Wasted line & too informal
2) Intro, name & that you're new - Wasted line, more off putting that you're new, rather than inviting/enticing.
3&4) Good tells me about you, that you are an "experienced Freelancer" & lists some skills, & suggests expertise across these fields.
5) directly contradicts 3 as it now explicitly states that you're "new to freelancing". Later part of line is good and demonstrates a passion to grow but people dont really come to these places to give "growth opportunities", they want quick, efficient, direct, solutions.
6) Challenging people to give you a chance - again not what I/most come here for if hiring.
7) Good in that again it demonstrates enthusiasm, passion & willing.

To me, it seems too long / conflicting & esentially just conveys 4 skills - Type, Retype, Social media, data entry, & that you're new & enthusiastic.

Have a look at someone like Petra R, Peter G, Christine A, Martina P, (all regular highly rated posters to the community). They all immediately get to the meat of what their skils sets are, convey confidence in these skills, & explain/highlight to a prospective customer the solutions they can deliver using these skills. Each of them do it in their own different style & way.

Hope that helps 🙂

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Hii I'm new too from India 

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"To me, it seems too long / conflicting & esentially just conveys 4 skills - Type, Retype, Social media, data entry..."


And three of those four are popular targets for scammers, so please be careful.

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