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Non-Serious Clients

I've reported this "client" innumerable times but to no avail.


It is clearly a pastime for this individual to frequently hop on here, post jobs with decent budgets (that of course never materialize), and rinse and repeat...over & over again.


Such entities (there are several other examples) should be promptly weeded out of the platform - except sucking connects off hapless freelancers who do not pay attention to crucial aspects such as "hire rate", they offer zero value.


Unless, of course, that is what Upwork wants. 🙄


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Or you could just not apply to jobs that have such craptastic hiring rates.

Freelancers should look at the stats of potential clients and consider things like hiring rates, feedback, and quality of the job description before spending their connects.

Or don't, waste them on terrible jobs. 

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It does seem like upwork should limit the number of active listings a client can make based on their hire rate. It seems like this would be bad for Upwork's bottom line to let this happen.


Yeah, a client shouldn't be expected to hire for every posting, but there should be some kind of limit if only to clean up the job feeds.

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Their current aim is to milk the freelancers (which is not necessarily a negative thing) so they should refrain from engaging in anything that contradict the objective 😁


The client's behavior does not affect them, only the freelancers, where they have over 10 million of them to spare.

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This same "client" has posted a few more jobs again, taking his gross tally of jobs posted on Upwork to 505 now, with...you guessed it, ZERO additional hires and the same abysmal 3% hire rate.


It is immaterial whether I am proposing on such jobs or not; the fact that others are doing so hurts me, as much as the fact that Upwork refuses to take action against such (non) clients. 

Hi Vikram,


Could you please send me a private message with the link to a job post by the client you're referring to? Thank you!

~ AJ
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