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Not Able to Get clients on upwork from last 3 years!

Hi Upwork Community,

I hope you all are doing great. I've been working as a freelancer for 4+ years. I'm having Good client base and high level profiles on other freelancing platforms. I'm wondering I've tried alot to work on upwork having a good profile portfolio and also writing good proposals but still I'm not getting a quality result on upwork. its been almost 3 years I've been trying to get clients on upwork but I'm not able to do that. 

Could anyone please review my profile and suggest me whats the issue coming?

Sohail Khan Jadoon


Hi Sohail,


Thank you for reaching out. I understand that you need help in getting clients. I checked your profile and would like to give a few suggestions.


I noticed that it's been eighteen days since you last submitted a proposal. Please know that the main purpose of the marketplace is for clients to post job listings and for freelancers to submit their applications. You will increase your chances of getting a response or an invite to an interview the more you send proposals.


You may also want to update your skills and profile description from time to time especially when you've finished a project or when you took a course that may be beneficial to the role you're applying for.


You may also want to consider upskilling and learning new skills to increase your marketability. Competition is getting tough not only in Upwork but also on other platforms, especially since most people nowadays opt to work remotely. One possible reason might be also the fewer demands for jobs that fall under your selected skill set. You can also revisit the skills you have selected in your profile, only if applicable.
We also highly encourage you to continue to work to become a Top-Rated or Top Rated Plus Freelancer once you get enough recent work history. Having these badges in your profile will increase your invite and hire rate.


Here are some helpful articles that you may find useful:
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I hope this helps.

~ AJ
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