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Not able to start a dispute on a contract recently closed by the client

I am trying to follow instructions detailed on this page https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211068528-Dispute-Non-Release-of-a-Milestone-Payment to start a dispute on a contract that was recently closed by the client.


Capture.PNGI can't get past the first step. I go to 'My Jobs', but I don't see a 'View Request' in the 'Ended Contracts'. I see the contract that was ended, but where's the 'View Request'? 

Can someone help me here? The client changed the job description midway so had to do twice the work. I still managed to complete the work a week ago within the deadline. There was just one thing missing that I had accepted and told client I'll be completing in the next 24 hrs. The client revoked my access to the work, paid me only 50% and ended the contract saying it is not what he expected. This is after I had shown the demo and the client had liked it before completing the work. 


Hi Danish,


Can you please share the contract ID so that I can check this further for you? Thanks!

~ Joanne

The contract ID was 22381244
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Danish M wrote:

 The client revoked my access to the work, paid me only 50%

Were the other 50% funded? Then you should have a request for the return of the escrow funds.

If it was not funded, there is nothing and no way to dispute.

Now that I am looking at the contract and milestones, I do see that the final milestone of $300 wasn’t funded from the start. So, the client had planned this from the beginning and took advantage of a loophole. I should have been more careful.

So, if I can’t dispute, is there a way that I at least remove the client’s feedback? I am pretty sure he has left me a really bad review. I can take a financial hit, but don’t want to jeopardize my JSS and my almost perfect streak of 5* feedbacks.
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