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Not receiving e-mail messages


I have received an invitation to join an agency, received a notifiation on my upwork profile, but didn't get anything on my E-mail address.

I tried searching for the mesage in my Junk, Archive, etc, but i dindt' find any, I also noticed that i'm not receiving any e-mails from Upwork when i have any activity, like invitaiions, messages, offers, etc
eventhough I receive mesages from upwork suport, community and congratulation messages. 

I have submitted a request under number #32647528 where they replied that I already have recieved the message on my e-mail!

I searched similar problems on the community, find one, and for saving time 
I have done the following: 

1- Made sure my browser is up to date.

2- Cleared my browser cookies and cashe.

3- Checked my Upwrok notifications settings .

4- Checked my E-mail filters, rules, etc.

I'm attaching all the above in screenshots. I would really apprecaite if you could solve that as I might lose some potential clients because of that. 

Thank you in advance 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Talaat,


I checked and it looks like the last update on your support ticket is from our team. If you still need assistance please send this information to our team directly on your ticket so they can review and assist you. 


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