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Nowadays, It feels like applying for a job doesn't make any sense

Now, This has become a part of daily routine. See a job post, apply for it, waste your 16 or boosted connects, and feel like applying for a job doesn't make any sense.


#1 Proposal - 50 connects

#2 Proposal - 50 connects

#3 Proposal - 50 connects

#4 Proposal - 50 connects


What should a freelancer like me do now? Buy connects and apply for a new job? It feels like wasting time.

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Just an exercise in futility.

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I'm sure there is enough frustrated talent on the 1st page of the community freelancers forum to build a platform to compete with upwork.  If upwork wants to keep wasting our time, maybe we should put that time to good use...lol

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I would suggest that all the talent who is interested in at least discussing the development of a better platform - to exchange a few private messages and agree on a place (I would highly prefer a classic old-school forum instead of Discord or similar) where we can discuss the topic in more details.

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They're bots, and it makes me rage Upwork still gives out the 50 connects for this reason. They need to scale back on connects. Only thing that will fix this. They're throwaway accounts so them getting suspended don't matter and they redirect clients to their agency off-platform or the true account, so they don't care. It only affects Upwork's real freelancers.

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I agree.

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I think this is a issue as the proposal submitted might not be relevant at these top 4 slots. However, even if someone have boosted for top 4 slots as you said then also it make sense to look at number of proposal submitted and job relevance to your skills. You need to always figure out a way such as your proposal get viewed by client (This is boosting proposal all about.).


If number of submitted proposl is not high say 10 or so then there are fair chances that client might review your proposal. But if your skills is not aligned to job then it might not be fruitful as your proposal may lend up in other section. Some people might have experience of proposal viewed even after 50+ proposal submitted but then it depends how much connects you can afford to try it out.. 


It is worth trying if your intuitution says you are the best suitable candidate for the job.

"It is worth trying if your intuition says you are the best suitable candidate for the job." Really??? I don't agree. It was good before this bidding war started. I got projects on the basis of my skills, not on the basis of luck.

Actually Intuition is your gut feeling and you decide many factor based on the fact that you are convinced that "this will work". If you are doubtful about success then simply move on.

Really?? Do you pretend to have "intuition" and waste connections (that aren't free) because I have the perfect skills? And you don't have a response from the recruiters? It sounds like you're one of those people who bid 100 connects for a job you probably haven't accepted.

Upwork should remove that from the offer and return to a fair selection based on capabilities and not purchasing power.

At least, when I see Bids of 50 or more connects in a job, I don't even bother to apply. After all the bad experiences I have had with this platform this year I will never waste money in connects again.

Exactly, Lorena!

Thanks, but I don't need advice from a "Yes Man."

Seems you have different motive. I will just accuse myself commenting any further.

I am sorry, what motive do I have? Huh, Yes Man? 

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With Upwork's new business model (Boosting) It seems as if the freelancer that has more money to buy connects wins over skills. I don't like it, but it is what it is...

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