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Ongoing Hourly Based Contract and Client is not responding

Hi, I am Daniyal Jaweed. Before a week I got my first hourly-based graphic design Contract (05 Hours Weekly). The client assigned me work at the start of the week. (to be done in 05 Hours per week) and he said he will assign design tasks every Monday at the start of the week, but now it's been a week client is not responding and this week my 05 working hours are still pending and the deadline is tomorrow.


What should I do if the client doesn't respond also this week's working hours are zero so will it affect my profile?

Please guide...

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Hi Daniyal,

If your client has not responded and the deadline is approaching, you should reach out to the client and remind them about the pending work. You can use the Upwork messaging system to send a polite message asking for an update on the project and the pending work.

If the client does not respond after a reasonable amount of time, you can consider contacting Upwork support for assistance in resolving the issue. Upwork support can help you contact the client or take other necessary steps to resolve the issue.

As for the impact on your profile, if the work hours for the current week are zero, it will not directly affect your profile. However, if the client does not respond or the project is canceled, it may impact your overall job success score and feedback. It's important to maintain good communication with clients and try to resolve any issues as soon as possible to avoid any negative impact on your profile.

I hope this helps!



Hi Daniyal,


If you have contracts that are still open, but no further work needs to be done and your client is not responding anymore, you can still consider asking your clients to close them or go ahead and close them yourself. Please, note that when you close a contract, the client is notified and will have 14 days to provide their feedback on the contract. If no feedback is provided on the contract by them, it will not impact your score. You may read more about how the Job Success Score is calculated here.

~ AJ
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