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Possible Scam?

 Can someone give me some advice? I cannot tell if I am being scammed or not. On Upwork, their posting seems normal. "Create and maintain wireframe systems, user flows, prototypes, specifications, navigation maps, and user research findings. Partner and collaborate with designers, coders, copywriters, and product managers to develop compelling and creative solutions." and I applied. They sent me a message for an interview over on Skype, and after passing the interview (all write, not video). They sent me an "employment confirmation letter" and stated that they would fund equipment at a local vendor upon my start date. Additionally, they are offering way above my rate (60 dollars instead of 25). I cannot tell if they are legit or not, their website is real and is a real location on google maps. However, I cannot tell because I have read that common Upwork scams involve "funding equipment from local vendors." I asked how payment would be done, and they responded saying that they would pay me either through upwork or directly depending on my preference. What should I do? 

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Hi Marlu,


First of all, interviewing on Skype or any non-upwork medium is against upworks terms of service and can get your account permanently closed.

And i believe there is not much legitimate company nowadays using Skype anymore. 


When a client wants to hire you, they send you an "offer" through upwork. Not a letter, not an email (because you can't share your email with them before they hire you, it will again get you kicked out of upwork)

So even without looking at the equipment issue, i believe this is not an actual client but a scam attempt

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Thank you so much! I will cut off any contact with the scammer. 

Report them as well. If something looks too good to be true.... I have applied for jobs that wanted contact through Skype.


It ended right there and I reported them, to get my connects back. Those people waste everyone's time. Glad you got out when you did.


Hi Marlu,


I am sorry to hear about your experience with the client. I checked the job post you were referring to and it appears that it's already been taken down because it was in violation of Upwork TOS.

Please check out this course for more tips on staying safe on Upwork and please use the flag option found on each job post or message anytime you’d like to report a violation.


Thank you,


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