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Profile Boosting

I boosted my profile and allocated apprximately 100 connects towards it.  The period in which this was activated has elapsed (over a week).  When I go to my stats, it shows me I recieved 2 profiles views and -oddly- 0 impressions.  I would have thought that naturallythe inverse would be true, and that the results would be worth my connects.

Any advice you can give? As it stands, it doesn't look like the boosted profile feature is worth the connects with such results (including the poor impressions).  I know we can't gaurantee clicks but I would have expected impressions. 

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I thought I posted this before but somehow can't find it. So, I'm posting again:  A couple of days ago, I tried out boosting my profile and allocated 100 connects to the process. At the end of it (approx. 7 days), I got 2 profile clicks and 0 impressions.  The system estimated approx. 4 clicks per day, if I remember correctly.  Not only were these results completely underwhelming but they were also confusing. Shouldn't I have had more impressions than clicks?  Regardless, it seems like an awful waste of my connects.  

Or was this some kind of technical glitch that needs Upwork's attention?  Regardless, I don't think I'll ever use this feature (profile boosting) again until it makes financial sense. Without understanding what happened, and how to ensure any next time is financially viable.

All in all, I would like a refund.

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Community Manager

Hi Maclean,


I went ahead and moved your posts together. Thank you for sharing your experience with Boosting your Proposals. As far as refunds go, here's how it works:


No Connects refunds will be issued for Boosted Proposals that receive an eligible interaction or are successfully boosted at the end of the auction.

If you boost, but are knocked out of the auction before receiving an eligible interaction, you will not be charged.

Refunds are only issued if you bid for a job that we end up removing due to a Terms of Service violation. You’ll be refunded both the boosted Connects and the cost of submitting the proposal.

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I think Macclean is talking about boosting profile, not bidding on job posts that's two different things, is it?

As the other commenter stated, I'm not talking about Boosting Proposals. I am talking about your Boosting Profile feature. This is an entirely different feature, as I'm sure you know. As stated, according to my stats page I had 0 impressions, yet weirdly 2 clicks (unless those clicks were organic and had nothing to do with the boost).  I spent 100 connects to get this incredibly disappointing results, as such I would like a refund because it seems this feature does not work at all.

I have had countless effective experiences with your proposal boosting feature, and I'm grateful that works excellently.  This is not about that.

Again, please may you advise how to get a refund for this failed boosting profile experience.    

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