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Profile Views, Invitations dropped after getting an intentional bad feedback

Hello Everyone,

I had a contract, The buyer was a scam. He intentionally finished the contract and he didn't pay me for what I did. He gave a very poor review. I also removed that by refunding him (He intentionally gave me the bad feedback so that I had no option except refund). Right after this incident, My JSS was down and It also demaged my everything. I lost profile views, I lost invitations. I got almost 5-7 invitaion every day. But nowadays, I am not getting anything. My earning is down as well.

See the statistics, Just the date and time when the fraud ended the contract and gave bad feedback, My downfall started.

I believe Upwork has a better judgment. I am losing my stability, I am frustrated. It is becoming a pain for me to accept this damage when I was innocent. I was innocent, I lost the money and I also paid the price for the scam. He is supposed to be punished but I am taking my own punishment.

Please give me a reason, Why this is happening?
How did 1555 views just drop to 200 views?

Please help me, Save my inner strength. I am losing my own beliefs.

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One bad Private client comment will not make much difference for a Profile as active as your Profile is.


In the month of June 2023, client search was updated and that is what has had an impact good or bad on all the freelancers.


Consider closing all of your "In Progress" jobs that have been completed, make sure to get Reviews on work, and change Earnings to Public.

Hello William,

Thanks for responding. Can I know about the new update? Can you give me more description?


I appreciate your comment.



Hello MD,


Upwork doesn't publish their updates. I just happen to know because I am always familar when changes are made. Follow the few tips I gave and it will help.

Understood, I am trying to execute your suggestion. I hope it will work well. Thanks.

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