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Profile views drop

Hello, today I noticed that my stats is showing 0 views for this week and the past weeks. Is there any bug?

Thank you in advance, Flavia


Tom Z wrote:

Same issue here today...

It's a bug.


0 views.jpg

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Hi Team,


I am facing similar issue.. Please respond asap.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Flavia and Manoj,


Our team will check this from our end and reach out to you via ticket as soon as possible with more details. Thank you.

~ Goran

Same issue here today...

Tom Z wrote:

Same issue here today...

It's a bug.


0 views.jpg

Thank you! 🙂

Now stats are showing at your profile?? ...Because it's not showing at my end..Thanks

Not yet but, if it is a bug, it will be resolved soon, I think.

Hello Upwork Experts,

I am a bit confused about the "Profile Discover" of the stats! Even last night, it was showing that my profile was discovered 34 times last week which also doesn't seem normal to me! Because now a days, I am not applying very much, So, 34 wasn't believable for the last week. And today in the evening, it is showing Zero...totally "0" and saying "Almost the same as the previous week".  Obviously, it is not same as like the last week! This section is a mystery to me! I don't get this behavior! What does this actually mean? And does it always calculate perfectly! Can I get some knowledge from an expert? Thanks in advance.


Rafsun S wrote:


I am a bit confused about the "Profile Discover" of the stats! Even last night, it was showing that my profile was discovered 34 times last week which also doesn't seem normal to me! Because now a days, I am not applying very much, So, 34 wasn't believable for the last week. And today in the evening, it is showing Zero...totally "0"

it is a bug. Mine says the same

I'm facing the same issue.

same situation here.

Hi Vladimir,


     I found this thread looking for information on the topic because the same just happened to me, and actually my profile vews of the last month just disppeared and became zero. It's important to note that I have checked them almost every two days, and there were not zero. I saw a drop in them but they were not at zero. But they kind of got all erased.


     Also, I read in another thread that those views do not include views that come from proposals one submits, they come from the clients that come to your profile from searches. I hadn't submitted proposals in a while but I was still viewed a lot in the past month and received several invitations. However, after seeing the drop in my views last week, I did a search for subtitlers and captioners and couldn't find myself anywhere close to the first 10 or so pages. 


In summary:


- My views suddenly dropped a lot from one week to another without changing a thing in my profile. This has nothing to do with my proposals because I hand't sent any in the period in which I received several.


- I practically disppeared from the search results and


- Now, my profile views of last month were completely deleted. Deleted because, as I said, I check constantly and I had more than 16 in the month, probably more than 20.


     What could be happening? All this indicates there's something wrong.


Thank you very much.

Hi! So, I'm top rated, I've done over $20k in Upwork and I used to get around 10-15 visits to my profile every day, I wanted to give my profile a tune up so I went and I got my verification ID and also created the specialized profiles. Now, I don't get anything! Do anyone know why? I disabled the specialized profiles to see if I get any changes. It's been some time now but I used to get all of my clients via an invite and now I'm worry that it was just a trick to forced me to pay for connections.


My statsMy stats

It's a bug and please check this link for more info.



The same thing has happened to me. I created specialized profile and suddenly since that time all my view are zero in stats. I have got the connects package since a week but still  problem sustains.

Hi Nosheen,


Thanks for reaching out to us. One of our team members already reached out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further.

Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

See attachment?

Alexander N wrote:

See attachment?

Yes, known bug

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Same here, there is no profile views for the past weeks, they suddenly disappeared. Which is not nice 😞 

There was 2,3 views on my profile some days ago but today it is showing 0 view on my profile for this month and previous month.Even though last month i got a lot of views.I think there is also issue with job invitation i'm not getting it from long time.Usally i get job invite.

Is this an error ?

Prob. some sort of a bug. Same situation for me as well. All profile view stats dropped to 0, but I was able to receive invites. 

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Same here it drops to 0, I only got 1 invitation for this week so sad

my profile views suddenly dropped to zero even in previous dates when i had reviews in my profile but now nothing is displaying.



Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 11.11.46 AM.png


I like how it says "Almost the same as previous week."



That is funny.


I generally assume that:

a) I don't understand exactly what this graph is supposed to show


b) at any given time, the source code behind the graph may not be working, and what it shows may not mean anything at all

If it were an ECG or an EEG, I'd feel a bit more concerned. 

I was having good profile views since last 5-6 weeks.

Suddenly, I can see that all the profile views have been wiped off. It is not even showing profile views of the previous week.

Please resolve the bug.


Hi Sarvagya,

It's a bug and Upwork engineers are working to fix it. Everyone is having this issue.

For more information: See this Thread

I hope it helps. Thank you.


just wanted to know its almost 10-15 days this issue was reported? is this going to be sorted out or not?

Hi Rahul and others,


We understand that this metric is important to you and this issue has been prioritized by our engineers. They are working to have it fixed as soon as possible so that correct data is shown. Thank you for your patience.

~ Aleksandar

Yesterday the status graph was restored but today again I am seeing this in my profile status..please fix it soon.

Hi Hosheen,


Please allow time for our team to carefully review your account and assist accordingly. You will be notified on their response in this ticket.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hi Everyone


I found two days back, I had a well amount of profile discovers, but since yesterday I couldn't found any profile discover, I request you all to check my stats & let me know about this, I think there is an issue! 


Everyone help will be appreciable!

Same issue since 3 weeks.

its seems to a bug but I need to conformation from anyone who knows it is and when it will be solved one more thing is this problem or bug is effecting my JSS as its doped this week and as I can see all the necessary thing for job success score are good with my profile. please help me out.

To be fair, has this feature ever worked accurately anyway? I think it's 80% accurate, even before this bug. 

I have the same problem, I think this because system upwork will be removing skill test on 16 July. make some bug. 
i hope will fix soon.

Hello Goran, Greetings!!


Please let me know your team is working on this issue or it is only on my profile that I am not able to check stats..Thanks 

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I am facing the kind of same issues.. I can't see the proposals submitted.



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