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Proposals not getting any response

Hi !!

I have been submitting customized proposals for each job. I am not randomly applying to every job. I have also replied promptly and diligently to every invitation I received, yet no successful conversion. I have lost a lot of my connects. I have tried everything from the articles that talked about perfect proposals but of no use. I am on the verge of discontinuing. 


Kindly help.


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Honestly this is the landscape and you are in an area that has a ton of competition. You seem to be doing the right things in terms of applying to those jobs that make sense and your profile has personality. However, you are new with little UW experience and so there is a hill to climb. I receive invitations all the time and a very high percentage never bother to respond (makes you wonder why they invited you to begin with.) Maybe others in your field will have specific suggestions but like absolutely everyone here, it's a grind to get going. You may need to compromise a little to start in terms of the exact nature of the job in order to get reviews. I say "compromise" though and not dumpster dive. Beware of the race to the bottom with rates. You would be better to discontinue than do that. Know your value and be confident and professional when you do discuss with clients. 

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Hi. Can you please check my profile also. I had very good profile but since last 4 months I am not getting any responses and my profile degraded. 
Can you advice something so I can get responses?


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I am finding myself in the same situation. Connects are bleeding dry... No responses. I'm beginning to think there's bots messing around to burn up your connects to force you to buy more.... A income generator?  Disappointing. I've had other professionals review my profile and agree the same it's decent. 

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Hi Everyone,


I am facing the same situation. i tried after so laong in august 2022 and spent large sum of money on buying connects. But inspite of placing a bid within first 5 proposal, I didn't get any responses. Ultimately I gave up after 2 or 3 months. It's been more than a month since I have started again on Upwork , but still going through the same situation. It seems, as if I have to quit upwork now. Because, I don't to waste my money and time further.





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Hi Community memebers,


I've joned upwork last week and applied to 8 jobs so far not any invitation recevied. I just need to win only first job thereafter i can manage with my expertise.


Appriciate if someone can enlignten me with better approches to win the first client. Furthermore, let me know what are the my pitfall with proposal as well.




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I am also facing the same issue these days, the no. of jobs vs no. of interviews is too less, I am spending a lot on bids these days, and still I am finding it hard to click a single project. Can somebody let me know what is wrong. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

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