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Recommendation algorithm again.

I've mentioned this before, but a recent email from UpWork prompted me to mention it again. I tried to find a way to contact UpWork about this, but can't find anything obvious, no "contact us" link.


Whatever algorithm you're using to determine what should be included as recommended jobs for a freelancer is, well, worse than useless, almost to the point where the emails from UpWork recommending jobs are little more than time-wasting spam.


Example: what, in your algorithm, knowing exactly what my standard hourly rates are, would suggest that putting a job that explicitly states an hourly rate that is <10% of that standard rate (and in fact less than the minimum wage in most western countries) would be a good idea? While I understand that this rate might be appropriate in certain markets, it doesn't take much to work out who it should be recommended to, and whom it shouldn't.

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It is useless spam long time. I have unsubscribed anywhere possible. Useless info with time wasting for reading. Thanks Upwork after unsubscribed no more such spam received.

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It seems like uncluttering the job feed, reworking their recommendation algorithm, and doing something about the rampant spam/scam job posts would be the least they can do since they're about to double their contract commission rates. But no, no additional value provided, just commission hikes.

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