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Refund payment

I did work of client according to commitment and i run time tracker according to time, even client was examing everything time by time and when i did finish half work then i updated him that i have done half work in working hour limit which was already set and now to proceed the rest of the work you need to allow me more hour on time tracker app, he allowed me some more hours for the rest of the work and when i completed that work he was happy with it but after three days he said you have run  more hours than work even i run time tracker according to commitment and work done but now he has asked for refund for some hours and said if you will not give me refund i will dispute it. even he is doing blackmail to me that you need to do free work for me otherwise i will give you bad feedback and will report to Upwork.  He has also  cancelled access of google drive which he was shared with me to do work in it but i have created copy of some sheets  some sheets  as a proof of work which he shared with me to proceed work on it. So, kindly suggest me with your supportive answer that what should i do in this case?

Even here no any button showing to me for rejecting refund.

thanks for giving your precious time and your guidance.

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Community Manager

Hi Muhammad,


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with one of your clients. The client requested a refund of the money they'd already released to you. You'll see the request in Messages. Please communicate with the client directly to try and resolve any issues amicably. If you agree to refund the money, you can issue a refund directly from the request in Messages. If you decide not to refund, the client may seek mediation assistance from Upwork. If that happens, the Upwork team will reach out to you directly. You can check these help articles for more information.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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