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First of all, why do I have to type a public message to solve a private issue when I pay 20% of my income to a "service" that does not even maintain a client service? This is not acceptable. At least take advantage of the community to build a proper bot and not a very poor one. 

Second, why do I get a message saying I reimbursed a client when I did not authorize such a thing. Is it gonna be taken from my bank account? I earned that money but can't see the job anymore. Can someone explain why do I get such a notification witout explaination? In the email I got, there is a link that goes to a page that inform me that "You don't currently have access to this page

You are not authorized to manage payment methods of financial account 24589136. Please contact finance manager or the owner. To learn about access privileges, visit our Help Center." 

What is this about? What Help Center, it is non-existant. I really need an explaination and to know what is gonna happen next. 

Once again, let's rembember I am paying Upwork's services so a little bit of an explanation would be welcome. 

Can someone get back to me. Thank you. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anaele,


It looks like you may have been signed into a different account when following the link you got via the email. We'll have one of our agents reach out to you directly to sort that out as well as address your questions about the reversal.



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