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Regarding JSS Score

Hi Upwork Community,


I have completed my last project worth 3,000 USD via repeat client. My JSS score changed from 79% to 80% only. If this is how it goes, this would take me ages to be eligible for Top Rated badge. I request Upwork to look into this matter.



Roopak S

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The algorithm that determines your JSS is unscrutable, unaccountable, and opaque - the classic definition of "black box" AI. Even though it is one of the main metrics by which freelancers are evaluated by potential clients, Upwork refuses to engage in a serious conversation about how it can be made more transparent and fair. Currently the way it works benefits no one - not even Upwork, which probably loses out on commissions due to unmaterialized contracts due to unfair (yet unscrutable) JSS to at least some top performers and earners. 


That's a long way of saying don´t expect an adequate answer from Upwork, though you might get some different interpretations from other community members. This is just my opinion. 

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