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Review “My Stats” Once a Month?

Everyone should occasionally look at their My Stats page (once a month?) to see what’s happening in regards to proposals, profile views, etc.

This is what I’m seeing for the past 30 days:


338 profile views
34 invites (I only submit proposals on about 25% of the invitations I receive)
0 impressions (last 7 days only)
0 Clicks (last 7 days only)
27 proposals sent (none boosted)
5 proposals viewed
3 interviews
2 hires


I’m not sure what the “2 hires” refers to. I’ve gotten 10 new projects over the past 30 days.


Of my recent proposals sent, none have said I couldn’t boost my proposal, but maybe it’s too early to tell whether that will continue to apply to (m)any of my non-invitation proposals.

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Hi Will.


I noticed this week on my newly reconfigured Stat page that account holds, clients who would recommend you, and the top-rated week metric are no longer visible, both on my laptop or mobile.


I'm uncertain where that information can now be found. Upwork's redesigned Stat page appears to have removed this information.


Anybody got a clue?


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Yeah mine too, It's confusing really.

You can see the Top Raed Eligible weeks on Earn rising talent, but the "Client Who Would Recommend" I don't see it and when was the last time or date JSS has been updated.


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Thanks, Jelly Ann,


I think the JSS score was updated today. Mine is still the same.


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No clue, because I no longer see it in My Stats either.


Since Upwork is now placing more emphasis on public feedback, I wonder if removing the "Clients who would recomemnd you" percentage is related? The My Stats Support page still mentions the percentage and the Top-Rated eligible weeks, but I wouldn't be surprised if Upwork obliterated the percentage.


I noticed a lot of freelancers comparing the "Clients who would recomemnd you" percentage to their JSS--believing the percentage is--at least partially--representative of private feedback, and wondering why it doesntt align with their JSS.


Edit: I just read in another post where moderator Pradeep mentioned that the Top-Rated progress information is now under the "Earn Rising Talent" link in under My Stats: Stats Update

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Thanks, Clark.

Another Upwork mystery that will probably remain unsolved.

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I was editing my post while you were typing--see the update regarding the Top-Rated weeks information.


However, the "Clients who would recomemnd you" percentage is no where to be found.

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I don't see where those stats have been moved to.


As far as I know, each freelancer's JSS is still re-calculated every two weeks.


This reference to increasing the effect of Public feedback on a freelancer's JSS is interesting...


Job Success Score – Upwork Customer Service & Support | Upwork Help


,,, but there's no telling what its effect on JSSs will be. I guess it will be positive in almost all cases, because I'd expect clients are somewhat unlikely to leave public feedback that is less positive than their private feedback.



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I am here for the confirmation if my JSS has been updated this week. After the update that's been done on the Upwork website and the app as well, I am unable to see when was the JSS updated last. 


I am not actually liking the update done as it's quite confusing on the "my stats" page. Can anyone tell me - How do I confirm if my JSS has been updated on the updated version? 


Thank You 

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Just a quick note: Another freelancer (Elmir) was contacted by the support team and was told that the "Clients who would recommend you" percentage is no longer provided in our Stats.


I suspected the move was intentional and not a glitch.

Hi, Clark S.


That number never changed over many years for me, so it wasn't very useful (for me) anyway.

Yeah... I have very few jobs on Upwork, so mine was 100% for years and never changed. It wasn't useful for me, but apparently a lot of freelancers paid attention to it.

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Hello. I was informed in the support chat that "Customers who would recommend you" will no longer appear on the statistics page. They still have to update the help pages to remove that information.
As for the JSS metrics update dates, that date disappeared from my stats page, although I suspect they are still updated every two weeks.

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