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Seeking Advice on Handling Fixed-Price Projects and Client Revisions on Upwork

I’m Dr. Shraddha, a recent PhD graduate from IIT Delhi, new to Upwork. 


 I'm wondering if this is worth doing, as I'm struggling to handle it wisely. Can you please offer some advice or help on this? I'd really appreciate it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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Hi Shraddha,


Welcome. I would say it's worth trying here. Usually freelancers say it is difficult when starting out, and you have to be prepared to keep working at it.


It's hard to know exactly how to approach this. You may be able to ask for a partial release of payment for the revision, I saw another freelancer speaking about that recently, but I'm not sure. When applying for a job you can structure your proposal with milestones for revisions to break the work up into phases.


Where revisions specified in the contract or discussed before you started?


Searching in this community for specific topics usually helps. There are a lot great freelancers who should be able to give you some good tips, though sometimes opinions vary a lot.

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