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Seems like a scam


I applied to this job posting but seems to be a scam (I can be wrong). This person wanted legal advise to a design throught legalzoom.com and wanted to communicate via phone number. I've attached picture. I blacked out information about names and phone number just in case is not a scam.

After I said I'm not a legal advisor he answered with the same message and quickly deleted the  messages he sent and appeared offline.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Patricia, 

There's not enough information to flag this client as a scam. It's possible that they send the same message to freelancers who apply to their job and made the mistake of sending it to you twice. 


Just the same, I highly recommend that you read up on the "Safety First!" section of the freelancer resources we have compiled, and these tips for avoiding questionable jobs for more information about working safely through Upwork.

~ Avery
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