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Service Storefornt

I would like to request a feature of STORE FRONT service section on upwork for TOP TATED SELLERS
I find it hard to continously HUNT for a job and keep bidding on jobs.

Upwork should have a sections where professionals can showcase their skills through dedicated Storefront

It will be beneficial for both professionals and clients

Some people will reply that, from that sort of service, FAKE orders are possible but my question from you guys is that upwork payment verification process is very rigorous so how is that possible that when client hires someone form their profile is fake proof and when client hires from service has a chance of fake order because payment verifcation process will be same for both options?

Introducing that sort of feature will help both clients and professionals and also benficial for upwork

Professionals will have more chance to brag their specifc skill on that specific service offering

I requested this feature for only TOP RATED SELLERS becuase those professinals have already prove themselves to upwork with their high quality service so Storefornt section will have high quality service offering without risk of low quality work

I need support form you guys so upwork can take action that


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Usama Z wrote:

I need support form you guys so upwork can take action that

This is the third time you are trying to gather support for turning Upwork into another F****r.


That idea was not liked the first two times, what makes you think it has gotten any more acceptable now?


This feature, which is currently being tried, might be of interest to you.

I tried it for a while and deleted it again.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Usama, 

If you are interested to try the feature that Petra linked on her reply, please reply on the thread so that we can add you to the list.

~ Avery
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