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Suggestion: Preview Proposal

This seems kind of a no brainer. But, there should be a way to preview your completed proposal before submitting it. I'd never submit a proposal via any other method without looking at it one last time the way the client will see it.

Please don't take that as a diss, I appreciate the service.
Sorry for repost of, but it didn't seem to get the proper attention:

If I had to be pushy, I'd want to know the issue or logic blocking it's implementation. Because, personally, I can't think of one.


P.S - I'd be happy to take on the project, duh!  ❤️ 🙂

Stuart Gray
Network and Systems Engineer
**Edited for Community Guidelines**
F/OSS Contributor and Maintainer
Atlanta, GA



Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for this suggestion, Stuart. I'll be sure to share it with our team!

~ Bojan
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