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The client is spamming the job post and sending only invitations but no replies afterwards.

I don't know how many freelancers like me have seen the picture below. This person only posts jobs and sends invitations to more people. We all know that upwork invitation has a score of 90 days, but this guy repeatedly posts fake jobs and tries to add them on whatsapp and telegram by sending fake invitations. Also, many freelancers send proposals whenever they get the opportunity to spend very little Connects, but their Connects are wasted only because of fake posts where every freelancer has to buy Connects and use them later. So I request upwork to identify the IP of the person who is posting this fake and block him because he is causing various problems to freelancers by posting fake jobs and also let me know that he creates different accounts every time to post fake jobs.



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If there were not so very many "freelancers" willing to break the rules to make money, too lazy and/or have no skills, the scammers would go away. Flag and move on.


Why do so many break the rules and go outside of Upwork? I've heard it all. I didn't know, they tricked me, Upwork should have protected me, you should have protected me, etc. It's ridiculous behavior from supposed adults in business.


People need to stop looking to some business or other freelancers to give them jobs and make sure they don't do anything stupid. The rules are there, and so is common sense. If you are brand new, with no skills, why would someone want you? If the money is too good to be true, 50+ people have applied within minutes.


I have lost any empathy I had for fools who break the rules because they think they can get away with it. In some cases, it works out, because the freelancer was also cheating the scammer.


How is the scammer causing problems? If everyone wasn't so willing to break the rules, no one would be scammed. Forget about Upwork chasing them off. I think Upwork desperately needs to eliminate 90% of all freelancers - the ones who do nothing n their own and break the rules, which creates more scammers. Eliminate the greedy, lazy, and unskilled, and the scammers will fade away.


If it's a scam, and you report it to Upwork, you will receive your connects back. However, if you break the Terms, I wouldn't be harassing Upwork for my connects back.

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