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The possible bug with statistics

I think I found the problem with your site (deceiving statistics).

I was hired (the job address **Edited for community guidelines**), but "Activity on this job" in "Job details" doesn't display "Hires: 1". It happened on 2 of July 2020

This may lead to a wasting of time and connects, because others may still submit a proposal to this job (note that in this case, the client needs only 1 freelancer).


**Edited for community guidelines**

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Hi Vadym,


I was checking on this issues and discussing this issue with the team but we need to investigate this further. We'll have a support ticket created for you to further investigate, track and update you about the progress. You should receive an email notification once the support ticket is created. 

~ Valeria
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Sometimes it takes a whole day to show up.


Refreshing the page often wakes up the amount of job applications and other statistics.


The "last viewed" is hardly ever accurate.


Why would they fix an issue when they can sell more connects?

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