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Top Rated Plus with 100 JSS, still can't get hired

I have had the same success rate when trying to get a new job I surely qualify for since I landed my first job. Now I don't think any of my badges mean a thing due to the difficulty I always face when trying to get hired. 

I get the normal responses I might get on this: Learn to write proper proposal, go back to the drawing board, it is hard for everyone, edit your profile and so on, but I just want to ask, is anyone experiencing similar result when applying for jobs?

Many jobs go on without any hire, many love my samples in interviews and just don't proceed. 
One thing I will say is, this however helps me to put in 100% effort to any job I eventually get. The mentality is like me thanking them for giving me a chance and not letting them down.

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Same happening with all of us. Competition is increasing day by day very fastly.

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I am on UpWork/oDesk for almost 10 years and lately, I also get less jobs. My rate is high (it was 90/hour 10 years ago and now it is 120/hour).


I don't think this is only the competition but the quality of the clients. There are less "good" job posting.


Perhaps clients are hiring more permanent devs. Perhaps, they are leaving UpWork due to the proposal spamming or they are searching for skills by other mean.


If I look at my stats for 2023, I made 85 proposals, only 30 has been viewed by clients and got 4 jobs (very short ones)

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