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Top-rated-plus / Any feedack ?

It would be great to get some feedback from co-freelancers who were recently awarded the top-rated plus badge. Are you getting more invites ? (or fewer ?).  At least for me (apparently awarded this badge on July 7th), the invites seemed to have more or less dried up. Even accounting for COVID and the increased number of freelancers on the site, I would have thought there would be some increase in (invite)activity or at least for it to have stayed the same. I wonder if this may have to do with Upwork's "interesting" algorithms that are probably hiding such profiles from "normal" clients and showing these profiles only to the so-called "enterprise" clients.
Would be interesting to hear others' feedback.

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Invites always ebb and flow based on several different factors. I am not seeing any difference since receiving the plus than before. That is to say, the invites still ebb and flow. 

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I don't think your profile is being hidden from "normal" clients. They just don't see the Plus badge -- only Business and Enterprise clients see it.


Agree with Tonya that invitations ebb and flow. In four years here, I've never been able to pinpoint causation or even definite correlation with any particular factor. In any case, I think 2-3 weeks is too short a window to see a trend, if there is one. 

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As for volume it seems pretty regular to me. I do see more UpWork plus clients and Enterprise clients though in my invitations. Or perhaps they just stand out more?

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Hi there,

I have definitely seen an increase in job invitations, especially from Enterprise clients.

Most didn’t happen to be jobs I was interested in, but that’s okay. It’s been nice to see that the Top Rated Plus designation is getting some extra attention for my profile.

I am absolutely invited more, but I am also annoyed that a lot of freelancers in my field seem to be awarded the top rated plus without fulfilling the requirments. 


I have seen top rated plus profiles that doesnt fullfill the 5K job size nor the 10K 12 month earnings...which seems a bit unfair. 

Erik S wrote:

I have seen top rated plus profiles that doesnt fullfill the 5K job size nor the 10K 12 month earnings...which seems a bit unfair. 

Are you sure? Every time I see someone like that and think "Hang on a minute?" I check their work in progress and they end up having open/ongoing jobs of that size

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Really?! Single $15K project on the web-dev? My Lord, these TRP will be rare as unicorns, lol! My biggest one is 10K. And no idea how to get the one again )

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