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Typical contract length

Hello everyone,
I am thinking of doing freelancing as a full time job, and I am wondering what the typical /average contract length is at Upwork. Does anyone have an idea?


Hi Aron,


I understand that you are concerned about the usual contract length. Please know that the length of time that a contract may take depends on the type of project you're working on, and on what you and your client have agreed on. You may want to discuss this with your client directly.

~ Joanne
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A client may hire a freelancer for a ten minute interview.


A client may hire a freelancer and continue to work with that freelancer for ten years.


Although theoretically speaking it may be possible to calculate the "average contract length," it would be better for Upwork to NOT calculate that number. Because it would be meaningless for you.

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You have had 42 jobs on here, which means 42 contracts. Why are you asking this question?

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An average number would be meaningless, as Preston pointed out. 

If you want to attract long-term clients, you need to take better care of your profile. Most of your contracts are completely unrelated to the skills you offer, and what is a contract with the title "aa"??? Get your clients to at least have a meaningful title that demonstrates it is related to your skills. 

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