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Upwork Job Feed

Hi everyone, 


I have been having problems getting jobs that suits me. Initially, when there was the articles and blog subcategories, it was so easy for me to find jobs. Right now, it's like I'm at a quarry mining field trying to reach the bottom - it's very hard to get these jobs. 


Whoever came with the idea to merge our subcategories to content and copywriting perhaps had the idea to indirectly drive writers away from the platform. If I'm a blog writer, I will always remain a blog writer. There's no day I will turn into a technical writer just like that.


At this point, I plead on behalf of other writers that you get back the two subcategories - article writing and blog writing as fast as you can. Sometimes these changes are misguided and naive in some way. How do you just wake up and do this without consulting freelancers who rely on those subcategories? 


This is wrong - very wrong. I'm now hustling jobs on Upwork like I came to Upwork in the last hour. This is very bad. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL SUBCATEGORIES - ARTICLE AND BLOG WRITING! 

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Community Manager

Hi Denzil,


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We'll be sure to pass it on to our product team.




Please do because I'm now stranded. Was planning to send a ton of proposals today and tomorrow in preparation for next week, but all these plans now seem unlikely. 

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