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Upwork tells clients that I suck.

Hi, I attached a screenshot from the client, where it is indicated that I "Earned $4k on Java projects".


1. This is not the case, I have never worked with Java projects.
2. This message is irrelevant to this job post, so this is a Full stack (React / Node.js) position.
3. I have earned more than $100k using the tech stack required in this job post, and this important information is not reflected for my potential client.


So, this message tells clients that I have little work experience ($4k) and have nothing to do with this job post (Java). Which is absolutely wrong.



I checked all my contracts and found that my very first job, which I took 7 years ago, contains this random "Java" tag from many other skills.


It looks funny that the upwork algorithms use this information to display this information, instead of telling potential clients really important information about the experience and achievements of freelancers on the upwork.


2021-04-05 09_46_17-Window.png

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Alexander,


Could you please click on my photo > select Message button and send me the job post link in a private message? I'd like to check the job post in order to determine if the Java information displayed on your tile is related to the job.

For background, I do see the Java skill and earnings information is based on the Java-related contract you had completed before, regardless of the time frame when the contract was completed. My focus is now on confirming whether that information was displayed as expected in context of the job post. Thank you.

~ Vladimir
Community Member

Hi Vladimir,


Another thing you can notice in the screenshot is the skill tag "Java [Top 10%]". It looks like the algorithm has merged together the Java and JavaScript metrics for the "Java" tag. Because as I understand it in my case this skill should not be in the Top 10%.

Welcome to my world. Upwork has been telling clients that I'm in the top 50% of admin support specialists, which is a service that I don't provide. They also tell clients that I've only completed a handful of PowerPoint projects, which is also untrue - I've successfully completed around 100 projects in this category, but apparently that's still not good enough to crack the top 50%, whereas people who've done one project are listed as top 5%. I don't know how their algorithms work, but they are inaccurate and misleading to clients. I opened a support ticket about it months ago and followed up several times, but my questions have been ignored. If you do manage to get an explanation or any kind of help with this, I'd appreciate it if you would update us here.

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