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Who`s having this same issue?

For 8 months I have been looking for a job through this platform, of which I have been a part for the last 4 years.


During this time, I have seen the implementation of the Offers system and have spent much time looking for good job opportunities and "investing" to have a chance. Due to the lack of control and inequality of the "bids," many of these opportunities have been lost, as have my connects or "invest," as we call it.


I currently have 10 active proposals; the oldest is two months old, and I have requested a response from the employer but have not received it yet. My most recent active proposal is 3 days old, where the job offered an hourly rate between $10 - $20, but once the employer contacted me, they offered me a $2 hourly rate for a 5 pm-12 am job. From Monday to Saturday, considering my time and knowledge is unacceptable.


So, I have a couple of questions in regard all:


1. How is it possible to wait so long for an answer from an employer? At least for me, 24 hours is enough to receive even a No thanks.


2. Is Upwork interested in maintaining the standards of the platform? Or have they just stopped checking job postings to keep the integrity of the freelancers?


3. Why are we facing so many scammers on the platform?

It would be great if Upwork implemented high requirements for employers like it already does with freelancers.

I really need an answer, 8 months to me is no longer profitable If I have to keep "investing" not to have any positive response from employers or the platform.

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Upwork may benefit from enhanced transparency regarding client feedback and communication patterns within our platform. Occasionally, users perceive a lack of job outcomes despite investing valuable connections to apply for opportunities. Improving visibility in this regard can empower users to make informed decisions and foster trust within our community, aligning with our commitment to continuous improvement . i.e add [Seen] in proposals.

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I agree. As a freelancer working here for 13 years, it is very sad and frustrating the situation at Upwork. 


Upwork has changed in the last 1–2 years. There are fewer invitations and fewer jobs, a lot of new freelancers, more connects required to apply, a lot of SCAMMERS, and even when you flag them, Upwork is not helping.


There are also a lot of new cheap freelancers, that they even don't have a good profile, they send proposals for scam jobs and are scammed. But, Upwork is doing nothing about it.  


It seems that Upwork is doing its business selling connects, that's why there are jobs that require 16 connects, and they allow people to boost their bids with 50 connects or more, and they keep the scam jobs until people post their bids…using connects, of course.


I think that Upwork should do a serious cleaning job, for clients and freelancers.- 


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